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Thirsty Camel Bottle Shop

Monday thru Saturday 12pm – 6pm

Come in and visit the friendly team at Thirsty Camel Hotel Kununurra. We have a large range of Western Australian wines and both Australian and international beers available.

**PLEASE NOTE: Alcohol restrictions do apply in Kununurra and Wyndham effective from 4th December 2017**

The following quantity (Liquor Licensing – Section 64) restrictions apply in Kununurra & Wyndham;

1. Take-away (packaged) liquor may only be supplied on a day other than a Sunday, Good Friday, Christmas Day or ANZAC Day – from midday to 8pm. Except to a lodger (In-house guest)

2. Take-away (packaged) liquor can only be sold in the following quantities per person per day:
a) Low alcohol liquor where the liquor contains less than 2.7% ABV in any quantity. Eg. Light Beer; Carlton Light, Cascade Light etc
b) 1 carton where the liquor contains greater than 2.7 % but no more than 7 % ABV. Eg. 30 cans/bottles of 375ml; Mid & Full strength Beer, Ready to drink spirits (UDL’s, Jim Beam & Cola, Bundaberg Rum and Cola, Cruisers)
c) 3 Bottles where the liquor contains greater than 7% but no more than 15% ABV. Eg. 3 bottles of 750ml Wine
d) 1 litre where the liquor contains greater than of 15% ABV. Eg. Spirits, fortified wine, port and sherry etc.

A person may purchase liquor in quantities provided for by either (b) or (c) or (d) or a combination of (b) and (c)

In addition to the above a valid ID is required for all purchases for daily limit checking as part of the Takeaway Alcohol Management System (TAMS) trial.

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For general enquiries or if you would like any further information about Thirsty Camel Hotel Kununurra please contact us on ph: (08) 9168 0400 or and one of our friendly team members will get back to you.


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